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Many of us were raised with the belief that money issues are private matters. It can be difficult to turn to someone else for help when debt problems get out of hand. As the bills pile up, however, there comes a point where you have to do something to get back in control.

At Andress | Inzina, LLC, our attorneys have the experience to help you tackle your debt and bankruptcy issues. We help Lafayette residents get a fresh start, free from the pressure of out of control debt. If you are facing financial problems and want to learn about your options, contact us online or call our Lafayette law office at 337-347-9919 to schedule a free consultation with one our attorneys.  

You Have Options in Bankruptcy

The law is the same for everyone, but your bankruptcy should be tailored to your needs. You might be better off filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get many of your debts discharged. Your best option could be Chapter 13 bankruptcy, where you reorganize your debts in a more manageable form and pay them off over a 3-5-year period. The right plan for you depends on many things, including your income, your debts, your assets and what caused your financial problems in the first place.

The first step toward financial health is to discuss your situation with a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer in Lafayette. Stop juggling bills you cannot pay. Stop letting creditors push you around. There is no reason to fear bankruptcy and every reason to understand your options going forward.

Dedicated Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving the Lafayette Community

With more than 15 years of legal experience, we know how to help clients overcome their debt problems. Bankruptcy law has the power to help people change the course of their lives. 

We love being able to see the difference our work makes for clients. We’ve helped people save their homes. We’ve helped them keep their cars, so they could get to work, pick up their kids and keep their lives the way they were before debt problems took over.

If you need help, we are here for you. Don’t let creditors run your life. Don’t continue to decide whether to pay the utility bill or buy groceries. Take control of your debt by speaking to an attorney about your rights under bankruptcy law. A debt-free life could be just around the corner.

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